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EPDM rubber particles are what? What are the characteristics? Where to produce EPDM rubber particles?

EPDM products are targeted at the needs of high security users of the ground. EPDM particles made of synthetic rubber, can produce a variety of colors, and its excellent performance can be resistant to ultraviolet radiation and general chemical reaction. Especially in the design of the construction, but also show the superiority of EPDM color particles.
chemical stability
EPDM products with high corrosion resistance and excellent chemical stability, resistance to ozone aging, thermal oxygen aging.
Good elasticity
Even at low temperatures, it can still be extremely flexible.
Strong bond
In the production process, the technical staff through several tests and field tests, has solved the problem of adhesion between the particles and adhesives.
Bright color
All colors are used at home and abroad famous brand of pigment, in order to maintain the stability of the color of all particles, strong color fastness, anti ultraviolet and high weather resistance.
Products can be customized according to customer requirements can be customized according to customer requirements, the size of the rubber content of the particles to meet the different needs of users.

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Contact: Yijun Pan

Phone: 86-13813512809

Tel: 86-519-82529238

Email: sales@jtbrothersports.com

Add: No.12 huifu road Economic Development Zone Jintan City, Jiangsu, China P.C.: 213200

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