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What kind of plastic runway particles are worth your trust?

Poison runway scandal broke in Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places with fermentation, sports flooring industry chaos once caused the extensive attention of the society, has pushed to the spotlight the quality of sports flooring industry. This has always attached importance to environmental protection, safety, quality of sports floor production enterprise is an opportunity.
Expert analysis of the following five common additives cause toxic runway:
1, solvent, common in the single component polyurethane glue. The purpose is to reduce the viscosity of the glue, which is beneficial to the construction and can reduce the reaction rate of the polyurethane to prolong the operation time. It can reduce the cost, the price is far lower than the solvent polyurethane itself commonly used ethyl acetate, xylene etc..
2, free state TDI, TDI the first application as a runway glue in the raw materials of the isocyanate. TDI high volatile performance, toxicity in the valley has been classified as a highly toxic product, with the development of polyurethane technology, TDI in the plastic runway formula has been gradually replaced by MDI. Some manufacturers still use TDI as a glue raw materials, and the production process of the free state of the TDI monomer is not processed, is the main cause of TDI damage and even poisoning.
3, plasticizer, commonly known as plasticizers, often used in plastic runway elastomer and glue, the aim and the solvent similar: (1) to reduce the glue viscosity, conducive to the construction and may be appropriate to reduce the polyurethane reaction rate to extend the operating time. (2) reduce Chen, plasticizer price far lower than polyurethane itself common plasticizer chloride paraffin, DOP. Most harmful to the human body. Although the plasticizer is less volatile, but it is often in contact with the human body and penetrate to the bottom layer of soil, the human body and the environment will cause damage.
4, MOCA is the most common amine chain extender of polyurethane elastomer. Early in the polyurethane elastic body sports a large number of applications, but due to their carcinogenicity, in many countries in Europe has banned for use in polyurethane products analogies when, but in China, due to the cost and technical reasons, some manufacturers also use a lot of MOCA as formula in the main to the chain extender.
5, other additives, such as organic heavy metal catalysts. May cause poisoning to the human body, as well as contaminated soil and groundwater.
Plastic runway floor inspection methods: all kinds of toxic substances can be effectively detected and calibrated by chemical analysis methods, such as solid content detection, infrared spectrum detection, element analysis and other detection methods.
Expert special attention to remind:
Plastic runway construction and completion of the stage, a large number of solvent and free TDI volatile, will cause direct damage to the human body. Even after the completion of a considerable period of time, the residual solvent and free TDI will continue to volatile. General plastic runway construction taking into account the duration of the summer period, during this period of time the temperature is hot, more conducive to the volatile solvent and free TDI. In a short period of time a large number of toxic volatile aggregation, causing the phenomenon of acute poisoning and other personnel.
In addition, even after a period of use, the poor quality of the runway plasticizer, MOCA chain expansion agent, organic heavy metals and other ingredients will continue to precipitate, affecting human health and pollution of soil and groundwater.
So, how to guarantee the health of plastic track? First of all, we should start from the supplier, there is a brand quality assurance products we can be more assured of the use of. That plastic runway floor is how to do safety and environmental protection? Where is the advantage of the plastic track?

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