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  • Cautions for Construction
  • Cautions for Construction
  • Cautions for Construction
  • Cautions for Construction
Cautions for ConstructionCautions for ConstructionCautions for ConstructionCautions for Construction

The asphalt and concrete base shall be cured and cleaned before work. The temperature on site shall be between 50°C~380°C and relative humidity shall be bellow 70%. The base should be clean and dry. Materials should be delivered in manufacturer7 s container to maintain clean and dry conditions. Before use, check the moisture both in the binder and the base.

The entire site surface should provide a regular pitch and evenness. Rubber glue can be applied on the place where is not plainness. According to the runway width and design, mark the paving track.

1. Check and list all the material’ s type and quantity. Deal with the broken package to reduce waste.

2. Make sure all the machine can work well.

3. Prepare the material according to the formula. Stop using when water mixed in or other.

4. Test field and the environment temperature, and then perform an experiment on a small area.


1. Rain suddenly: stop making ingredient at once and cover the blender, material with plastic film.

If any adhesive cement in the blender, put them away.

2. Wind blowing: stop all the procedure and clear the junk.

3. Power failure: repair hardwire at once. If fail, stop all the procedure and deal with the waste in the blender.



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