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Sports Series

  • A sports field case
  • A sports field case
  • A sports field case
  • A sports field case
A sports field caseA sports field caseA sports field caseA sports field case

Changzhou Jintan Brother Sports Products Co., Ltd is the leading EPDM granule manufacturer in China. Our company is specialized in the manufacture, marketing, and Research & Development of EPDM granules series products. We work daily with an annual output of 6,000 tons of EPDM granules with the most advanced facilities and technology, and bring you environmentally friendly and non-toxic EPDM granule products. The EPDM granules and rubber powder manufactured by us duly meet GB14833-93 International Standard and are currently exported to Southeast Asia, like Japan and Korea, the USA, Europe and other countries and regions.

EPDM granules and rubber powder are widely applied to various sports fields, such as athletic running tracks, jogging tracks, kinds of courts, club floors, playgrounds, kindergarten floors, artificial turf infilling, sidewalks, senior citizen activity areas, etc. Our products prevent users from knee injury with excellent elasticity, anti-skip property, etc.

Credit and quality always come first. We always put ourselves in your position to provide you instruction and guidance to the proper type of our products, to meet your specific requirements according to different climates and environmental conditions. Therefore, whether using EPDM granules for D.I.Y. or professional construction, we are able to provide you with the best construction budget proposal and systemic services from production, marketing and construction to after-sales service.

Our aim is "to establish long-term partnerships with worldwide customers and to be acknowledged as the reliable supplier of EPDM series products". Hence we sincerely welcome all distinguished customers to contact us for product inquiry and factory visit and we take it as our mission to provide products of top quality and superior services for you. Though we are not the first, we will be the best in this field!


Contact: Yijun Pan

Phone: 86-13813512809

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Email: sales@jtbrothersports.com

Add: No.12 huifu road Economic Development Zone Jintan City, Jiangsu, China P.C.: 213200

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