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EPDM granules

  • EPDM Rubber Granules - 1
EPDM Rubber Granules - 1

EPDM Rubber Granules - 1

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  • √ Accept OEM
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  • High quality, fine material, non-toxic and inexpensive. For more available styles or any other inquiry, pls contact us now!

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Brother
  • Model Number: K17
  • Model Number:: EPDM
  • sheet:: granulars
  • color:: pink
  • Application:: running track, playground,
  • Size:: 1-2.5mm, 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 1-3.5mm etc.
  • Delivery time:: Depends on your quantities
  • Packing:: 25kg/bag (40bags per pallet)
  • Port:: Shanghai

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 25kg per Kraft paper bag or Transparent plastic bag

EPDM Rubber Granules  1-3mm

Product Description

Jintan Brother sports products co.,ltd  can offer a wide variety of EPDM color products, for a vast number of applications.
Some Examples for applications are:
Safety Tiles
Running Tracks
Multi Use Games Area
Infill for artificial turf
Special applications:
Golf Walkways and Driving Ranges
Swimming pools (Inside and Surrounding)
Ship Deckings
Commercial Flooring
Sports Stadia (Club Colours can be matched)
Racetracks, fitness room, health care centers, dancing room, parks, balconies, patios, corridors of office buildings, high-class hotels, overpasses, sidewalks ect.
EPDM granules provide a durable, cohesive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly track surface which meet the rigorous athletic standards set by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF).
Heavy metals such as lead and mercury, have been a component of many track systems. Today, schools are making the switch to running tracks that are free of heavy metal hazards. The Poly-Resin technology employed has no need for heavy metal components. Tests indicate the safety of the products that they are not any mercury or lead hazard.

Standard Sizes
0.5-- 1.5 mm, 1-- 2 mm, 1 -- 2.5 mm, 1-- 3 mm, 1 -- 3.5 mm, 1 -- 4mm, 2 -- 4mm, 0.5 -- 3mm
0.5 -- 2.0 mm (mainly for Infill artificial grass), 0.5 -- 2.5 mm (mainly for Infill artificial grass)
Special sizes and colors are also available to meet customer specifications

Model: Feature Direction
1 Environmental protection Non-toxic,pollution-free,meet environmental requirements.The economyis strong,in addition to
daily cleaningwashoutside, no specialmaintenancewithin a reasonablerange.
2 All weather use In any seasonanddifference temperature canmaintain a high standardofquality.Afterthe rain
can be usedimmediately.
3 Elasticity With tempered elasticity andrebound, reduce physicalconsumption and enhancecompetition results.
4 Shockabsorption Adaptthe footto absorbshock, reduce injuries, suitable for long-termtrainingandcompetition.
5 Weatherability Notdue toultraviolet light/ozone/acid rain/pollutionarefading,chalkingorsoften,andmaintain keep long-termbrightcolors.
6 Wear Not because ofprolongeduse of highfrequencymotioncaused bysurfacedamage.
Track and fieldequipment,the weightwill notand can'trestore elasticity.
7 Compression It caused that can't be restored elasticity bygreat pressure of track equipment
8 Skid resistance Whether in a humid environment or in bad weather, make your feet steadfast, and not attain affect you slip during exercise.
9 Anti-nail force Inthe largestforce, the most frequently usedone hundred metersstarting point is not be
damagedbecause usingspikesorrunning.
10 Impact resistance Provide a toughelastic layerandthe buffer layer, can absorbstrong impact, andthe surfacewill not bedamaged.
11 Flatness Useself-levelingconstructionmaterial, flat surface,can meet thespecialrequirements ofa flatplaying field.
12 Adhesiveness Able todeal withspecialconstruction, strong bonding,cansuppressthe rise, no blistering,peelingand other phenomena.
13 Colorful Surface colorshould besoft,venuegranulesloadingsurfacematerials,should be able topreventglarereflection, beautiful and durable.

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Contact: Yijun Pan

Phone: 86-13813512809

Tel: 86-519-82529238

Email: sales@jtbrothersports.com

Add: No.12 huifu road Economic Development Zone Jintan City, Jiangsu, China P.C.: 213200

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